5 Safe Couch Cleaning Methods Suggested By Professionals

Cleaning of couch not only makes them attractive but also helps them get rid of the harmful germs that get trapped in them. As time passes, a dirty couch might be a cause of serious infections. This is the reason why timely couch cleaning is the need of the hour.

Couch Cleaning
Couch Cleaning Service in Melbourne

It is always recommended to hire professional couch cleaners to get rid of dirt and to clean your couch. However, if you intend to clean your couch at home to cut down your monthly costs, here are five safe couch cleaning methods that you can adopt to clean your couches.

  • Blotting

    For fresh stains, adopt the blotting technique. As soon as a stain appears on the couch, don’t leave it or allow it to dry. Immediately blot it with the help of a dry, absorbent cloth or you can use plain white paper towels too. Do not rub them on the stain directly instead dab it on the outside of the stain slowly moving inwards. The method easily helps absorb the stain and will leave your couch stain free as before.

  • Clean according to the manufacturer’s instructions

    It is highly recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that are mentioned in the tags. You can find these tags attached under the couches. These tags have codes mentioned on them:

  • Code W: Use water-based solvent to clean your couch.
  • Code S: It indicates that you should use a dry cleaning solvent to clean the couch.
  • Code WS: Use water free or a water-based cleaner to remove stains from the couch.
  • Code X: Such couches require only professional cleaning.
  • Vacuum cleaning

    Vacuum Cleaner Couch Cleaning
    Vacuum Cleaner Use in Couch Cleaning

    This is the easiest and safest method to clean your couch.  The most suitable vacuum cleaner for couch cleaning is a canister vacuum cleaner that uses UV radiation along with a sounding stuff that removes mites along with dust particles from the couch. Attach the upholstery brush so as to vacuum the delicate fabrics, run the cleaner over the top, sides, and arms of the couch, also in the crevices and nooks below the arms and in between the cushions on the top of the couch. This method can be used every thirty to ninety days for cleaning.

  • Deep cleaning

    Use might also use baking soda to clean the couch. For this, take a heap of baking soda and sprinkle it over the stains on the couch and leave it for about twenty minutes or half an hour. After this, clean it with the help of a bristle brush and wipe it off using a dry towel or baby wipes. For lingering and stubborn stains, dip a cloth in a mild cleaning solution and dab it gently on the stains and rub it. Wipe it off again with a dry towel.

  • Steam cleaning

    This is also one of the safest methods that you can adopt to clean your couch. It sanitizes and deodorizes the couch without using any harmful chemicals. The high temperature helps in loosening and dissolving the upper surface dirt and grime, making the surface bright and colorful as before. A variety of steam cleaners are available in the market with various modifications that help in cleaning your couches.

    Above methods will help you get rid of dust and other pollutants from the couch and will also help cut down your expenses to some extent.