5 Tips For Upholstery Cleaning and Upholstery Stain removal

Upholstery add beauty and comforts in our lives so we have to take proper care. Regular maintenance of your upholstery will make sure that your upholstery is clean and stain free. We all know it’s very difficult to take time of our daily lives and properly clean our entire upholstery and sofas. This negligence will […]

How to maintain your sofa?

Regular Sofa cleaning makes your furniture and atmosphere more healthy and hygienic. A good clean sofa attracts most and works all the time because by investing a lot of money on a sofa which fits in our home environment for the lifetime. Sometimes a small carelessness causes damage to the sofa and its beauty. However, […]

Simple Steps to Remove Odour from Upholstery

Odours are very common in upholstery. Whether it is your favorite love seat at home or a comfortable work chair at office, upholstery tends to smell bad over a period of time. Sometimes the smell may be because of pets using the upholstery or some kind of spills. But usually it is a rustic messy […]

Why is it Necessary to Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaners?

Upholstery cleaning is very important to keep your home and offices clean. It is also important to make your upholstery look like new for a long time. Most importantly, upholstery cleaning is important for the well-being of family members and employees in homes and offices respectively. According to a research, scientists found tons of harmful […]

5 Reasons For Hiring Professional Upholstery Cleaning Company

There are many DIY methods of upholstery cleaning. Its good to maintain your lounge yourself as you can not hire upholstery cleaning company every day. However, we would recommend you to steam clean & scotchgard your upholstery once in 1 month. There are many reasons why?    Leather & Fabric Upholstery Protection Pet smell Removal […]