Microfiber Couch Cleaning Solution Tips.

Microfiber – a fabric formed of large class of synthetic fabrics that develops in commodities as assorted as cleaning cloths, rags and furniture – employs to fibres of 1.0 diminutive. Because of the fibre solidity, couch creators promote microfiber as a long-lasting, spot antagonistic and under- subsistence option to cloth, leather and rind. Vacuuming and hard cleaning solution several microfiber misfortunes, but no couch is impervious. Before making a cleaning fluid, look at your couch’s label – a “W” betokens that your sofa requires a solution based on water, while an “S” designates for a solution of solvent.

Couch Cleaning
Couch Cleaning

Following are The Solutions you Can Try at Home

Solution Based on Water

Silt up a neat spray bottle with hot water.

Blend 2 or 3 droplets of warm dishwashing surfactant in the water, reliant on the measurement of the bottle. Apply simply aqueous surfactant, do not use powder.

Whirl the water by shaking the bottle to blend the solution.

Blend full white vinegar into a cap and annex 1 to 2 squeezes of baking soda into the solution. These elements will remove smells. And then reinstate the spray bottle lid and jolt the solution accurately.

Solution Based On Solvent

Blend a neat spray bottle partially with mild water.

Blend the rest of the bottle using a solvent, such as pungent gas compounded of nitrogen and hydrogen, liqueur, friction whiskey or vodka.

Reinstate the bottle’s lid and jolt the combination firmly.


Couches with tags marked “S/W” can be rinsed with solutions based on water or solvents.

Spray a neat, dust-free cloth beside your solution furthermore dry the couch to extract spots. Let the couch to air dry.

Try the solution, particularly solutions based on the solvent, on an indistinct space of the couch before applying it on noticeable spaces.

You can further use upholstery cleaner which you can buy from the shop to microfiber couches marked “S.”

Dry wash your microfiber couch weekly using a vacuum cleaner or dust roller. Then deep clean the couch using a steamer, or you can go for a Professional Couch Cleaning services.


Never use bleach or fabric softener on microfiber fabrics.

An “X” on your microfiber sofas tag indicates that it should only be dry cleaned. Do not apply cleaning solutions to these sofas.

Professional Couch Cleaning
Professional Couch Cleaning

Hire Professionals

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