How to Clean Microfiber Upholstered Sofa?

Cleaning microfiber upholstered sofa is very simplified process and this is the main reason why people prefer this kind of upholstery for their home and office.

Vacuum: Use vacuum to get rid of loose debris and dust from the sofa. The microfibers are made in such a way that allergens and dirt particles cannot enter the fabric. So vacuuming them regularly makes them look clean. Along with that, use a dry brush to scrub stains and lift up any crusty spills. This also ensures the sofa remains soft. Also remove the cushions, back cushions and loosen up the pillows to clean the hidden areas.

Read the Tag: Look for the tag at your microfiber upholstered sofa that instructs how it should be cleaned. W stands for water-based cleaning solvent, S stands for water-free cleaning solution, S/W is for either, and if it’s X then your work is done because in that case you can’t use any solvent at all.

Stain Removal: Find the right cleaning solution for your sofa. Water-based solutions could be mild dish detergent, gentle soap, and upholstery shampoo. Water-free solutions could be any kind of alcohol like vodka, gin, baby wipes, dry-cleaning solvent, and lighter fluids etc. To remove stains, you should apply the cleaning solution directly on the stain and use a paper towel to clean it up.

Use a Brush: Lastly, you must use a dry brush to treat the cleaned sofa because microfiber is likely to harden after the cleaning process. The texture will get back to its normal soft feel after using a brush.

Do keep in mind not to use acetone rich or bleach inclusive cleaners on your microfiber sofas. And if at any point, you feel unsure of how to clean, hire professionals for the same!

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