Some basic tips to maintain your sofa at home

Bringing new sofas into your homes turns out to be such a great investment. It provides enjoyment while watching a movie or even reading a book! The lifespan of sofas is around 10 to 15 years. With Sofa maintenance tips, you can keep them looking good for so many years. Regular cleaning of sofas is so much recommended. Some professionals are experts in sofa cleaning. You can clean it at your homes or even go forth with experts. 

Tips for maintaining sofas at home

1. Give good attention to the fabrics

The fabric sofas come with codes like W, S/W, etc. You should know the proper way of reading the fabric codes. Further, Sofa maintenance tips mean that you should read the codes carefully. S stands for Solvents, W means water-based solutions. Contact Us now

2. Using a lint roller

Most people have pets with hair falling all over. The worst part is when there are so many pet hairs on your furniture. Keeping your sofa clean with pets is such a difficult task. It’s best to use a lint roller daily if it is possible. The lint rollers help in removing the hair easily. 

3. Use vacuum cleaning 

Investing in vacuum cleaners works wonders. People love sitting on the sofas to enjoy quality time with family members. It helps in removing the dust and debris from the nook and corner of the sofa. The dust is forced down inside the upholstery whenever you sit on the sofas. So, when you are cleaning your home, make it a point to vacuum all your upholstered sofa. 

4. Investing in stain protecting products

When you are buying furniture, be sure to get stain-protecting products. Sofa maintenance tips start by cleaning all stains immediately. It provides an extra layer between the materials and Upholstery Cleaning. It helps to keep the stains at bay. Also, stain protection products help to slow the damage process from ultraviolet rays. 

5. Flipping all the cushions

You should flip all the cushions regularly to remove the dust properly. This way the cushions maintain their shape for a longer time. When it is three-seaters upholstered furniture, you should be careful. 

Mostly the center seat is avoided by the people. Keep on switching the sofas from one place to the other. 

6. Avoid direct sunlight contact

When the furniture is made of fine fabrics, direct sunlight can destroy the fabrics. The ultraviolet rays deteriorate the Tips to Clean upholstery and won’t last for a lifetime. A little exposure is not harmful but it will damage the furniture slowly. 

Hiring professionals will make the process easy for you. Some things are not possible to be removed only by vacuuming. Further, the best method is the hot water extraction method. It comes with microbial cleaning solutions. Call the professionals every once a month to keep your sofas clean and neat. 


Taking care of your furniture is so important. It is nothing complicated or visit Upholstery Cleaning Perth. Just follow all the instructions and get the most from the furniture.

Ideas & Methods For Effective Couch Cleaning

Couch Cleaning

The best method to maintain your couch clean is to retain it beneath covers. You may find it difficult, right?  A living room is a centre of movement at nearly all houses, couches carry the brunt of redundant usage. From playing video games to having good family time, the couch is one furniture fittings which are essentially utilised. Using the couch too much makes it look dull and dirty every day. Many techniques and ideas are attempted to retain couches from becoming stained. And one idea that can help is to keep the living room locked until any of your guests arrive at your house. Another idea is by using separate couch pillows with detachable pillow coverings to allow simple couch cleaning at the house. alternatively, couch frames are cleaned with a soft cloth or a soft vacuum cleaner and the coverings cleaned. Every time you find a spilt drink, milk, dirty prints of hand or spots from unctuous heads on couch coverings, here are some ideas which you can try.

Couch Cleaning
Couch Cleaning

The First Treatment For Blemishes

  • Absorb the spilt material with a cloth to blot up all the condensation.
  • Apply wet soft cloth or you can use a tissue on the points.
  • Scrub the point with a soft detergent solution and clean with a washed, wet cloth.

Cleansing of fabric upholstery

Upholstery fabric can be washed with soap. Natural solutions, though, should be experimented on a hidden stain before you use it.

Cleaning couch with a mixture of baking soda is tender and useful on fine fabric. Cleaning couch by using vinegar and hot water with one spoon of fluid soap is a common solvent for obstinate spots. Borax in hot water is good for extracting oil, wine and juice blemishes. Cleaning couch with steam (a cloth soaked in scalding warm water) is advised for coffee and tea spills.

Some spots may require special cleaning tools. Diluted friction alcohol (medical aid from a chemist’s store goes subtle) is great for separating ink spots from couches.  For eliminating stains of blood from couches, clean with chilled water (for pureblood) or warm water (for condensed blood) till the spot become dull and then understand by rubbing with a soft detergent. Or if you are not able to do it by yourself then you can go for professional help you will get the best upholstery cleaning services at affordable couch cleaning prices.

It is possibly quite difficult to extract grease spots from couches. And for the spills of food, scour away all the debris material and absorb the lubricant spot by using a tissue. To eliminate entirely, spatter borax powder to soak the oil. Wipe off when totally wet and revert till the grease is removed. To extract the yellowish appearance of turmeric, or you can apply juice of lemon or white acetum. Lipstick is different oily stain and can be given out with any nail shine remover or thinner weaker in water (1:1) to wash it away.

Professional Couch Cleaning Services
Professional Couch Cleaning Services

Hire The Professionals

Are you worried about your dirty and stained upholstery? Well, we have got all the solutions for all your upholstery related needs. We at Squeaky Clean Couch provide the best upholstery cleaning services at affordable rates. We provide professional couch cleaning services as well. Our technicians use couch stain removal and the best appliances to give your upholsteries a fresh and brand-new look. Call us right away 0481606550 now.