What kind of couch fabrics can you clean?

Squeaky Clean Couch team is capable to clean spotlessly all kinds of couch fabrics. Whether you have a leather couch, cotton couch, polyester couch or a couch made of an alloy fabric – our certified cleaners will give it a new look in no time! Our unique approach to cleaning couches ensures that they look as clean as brand new.

How much will it cost? Do you take advance payments?

One of the best parts of using Squeaky Clean Couch services is the fact that all our cleaning services are available at a very cost-effective price. We won’t be able to tell you the exact cost of your couch cleaning requirement as it may depend on several things. You can give us a call to have a free quote for your specific needs. But be assured that you get rock bottom couch cleaning prices with us.
No, we never ask for any kind of advance payments. Why should our customers ever need to pay in advance? You only have to make the payment once we have finished the cleaning job and you are satisfied with the same.

How much time does it take? Can I call on weekends?

Our certified, trained, and experienced cleaners at Squeaky Clean Couch have been working in the industry for years now. Their skills and experience enables them to do the entire couch cleaning service in a quick manner. For your specific requirement, please give us a call and our customer service executive will let you know how much time it will take.
Yes, you can call us on weekends too. Rather, you can call us anytime of the day as per your convenience. We work 24×7 to offer couch cleaning services round the clock. We work on weekends so that our customers can get their job done as per their availability.

How is Squeaky Clean Couch different?

Squeaky Clean Couch takes pride in being different from other couch cleaners in Melbourne. Here are some factors that make us stand apart:

  1. Unbeatable prices.
  2. ONLY Eco-friendly products.
  3. Latest technology.
  4. ONLY certified and insured cleaners.
  5. Weekends OPEN.
  6. Emergency service.

We are quick and transparent throughout the entire process right from the first call that you make to us for a free quote! Because customer satisfaction is our top most priority.

Can you do commercial couch cleaning? Will it be too expensive?

Yes, we take commercial couch cleaning assignments in Melbourne too. We have the necessary machines and manpower to do commercial couch cleaning. No job is too big or small for us. We are the experts and our job is to restore all the couches in a flawless manner.
Squeaky Clean Couch offers couch cleaning services at a very reasonable price. We make sure that this basic cleaning service does not become a burden on your finances. Just give us a call, let us know your requirements and we will quote you a affordable price for commercial couch cleaning.

How to Clean Microfiber Upholstered Sofa?

Cleaning microfiber upholstered sofa is very simplified process and this is the main reason why people prefer this kind of upholstery for their home and office.

Vacuum: Use vacuum to get rid of loose debris and dust from the sofa. The microfibers are made in such a way that allergens and dirt particles cannot enter the fabric. So vacuuming them regularly makes them look clean. Along with that, use a dry brush to scrub stains and lift up any crusty spills. This also ensures the sofa remains soft. Also remove the cushions, back cushions and loosen up the pillows to clean the hidden areas.

Read the Tag: Look for the tag at your microfiber upholstered sofa that instructs how it should be cleaned. W stands for water-based cleaning solvent, S stands for water-free cleaning solution, S/W is for either, and if it’s X then your work is done because in that case you can’t use any solvent at all.

Stain Removal: Find the right cleaning solution for your sofa. Water-based solutions could be mild dish detergent, gentle soap, and upholstery shampoo. Water-free solutions could be any kind of alcohol like vodka, gin, baby wipes, dry-cleaning solvent, and lighter fluids etc. To remove stains, you should apply the cleaning solution directly on the stain and use a paper towel to clean it up.

Use a Brush: Lastly, you must use a dry brush to treat the cleaned sofa because microfiber is likely to harden after the cleaning process. The texture will get back to its normal soft feel after using a brush.

Do keep in mind not to use acetone rich or bleach inclusive cleaners on your microfiber sofas. And if at any point, you feel unsure of how to clean, hire professionals for the same!

Can your cleaning ensure bacteria removal too?

Bacteria removal is the main motto of Squeaky Clean Couch services. Our cleaning services are more than just cleaning the visible area. We aim to provide our esteemed customers a deep cleaning of their couches, sofas, and other upholstery items. Our cleaning methods are designed to make certain that no bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts, dust mites, dirt, and soil is left when we are done with our job. We make your couches hygienically clean so that no nasty particles can harm you or your family.

Do you guarantee your couch steam cleaning services?

Yes, we absolutely guarantee our couch steam cleaning services because we are sure about the outcomes. We have been in the business for more than a decade and this gives us immense experience and confidence to guarantee what we do. And in unlikely circumstances, you don’t like what you get then we will re-do the service for you, ensuring that it is done up to your satisfaction.

Can your couch cleaning get rid of wine stains from couch?

Our certified cleaners have expert training in getting rid of stains from your couch. Whether it is a coffee stain or a tough wine stain, we have appropriate toxin free solvents that are strong on stains but mild on your couch. Your precious couches can be restored with much ease and we assure to leave them looking as good as new! Call us now.

Can you do stain removal from leather couch?

Squeaky Clean Couch Melbourne is an acclaimed name in the cleaning industry and we are professionals in leather couch cleaning. Our effective cleaning methods are designed for stain removal from leather couch and odour removal too. Once you hire our certified cleaners from Squeaky Clean Couch Melbourne, we assure you that you will be completely gratified with our leather couch cleaning services.

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